Advertising & Marketing arm of SAI  makes our Research “actionable” to the core. 

We don’t leave anything to speculation. Having delved into Asian American psyche, and drawn actionable insights, we directlly feed the intel into messaging strategies and advertsing campaigns. SAI-RAM enables core audience reach at their favorite hangouts and media platforms and events. From road shows at ethnic districts, retail marketing, creative advertising, social media targeting, to events promotions and rado campaigns, we have you covered.

Explore our full media course to reach your audience

 SAI-RAM provides complete advertising, media planning and buying support, besides grass roots marketing, public relations, and specialized design services. Our dedicated team of media professionals work hard to provide you with the best media deals, strategic counsel on platforms to pick, and an outstanding marketing outreach. Let’s reach the favorite hangouts of your target consumer before they arrive,  join them at their favorite city haunts, and greet them in their living rooms.