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"we dig HUMAN INSIGHTS  we're opposite of CONSUMER RESEARCH!


We are a think tank, offering strategic advisory on targeting multicultural segments. We give you an intelligent foundation to chisel a brand personality relevant to your audience.


We have pioneered a paradigm shift from “consumer research” to “human insights”. Our path-breaking consultancy on communications and messaging maximizes your return on investment.


Our cutting edge disruptive market insights inform your overall brand narrative. Our innovative marketing and media strategies launch your brand in the market of your choice.

About SAI

Bridge between Asian Americans and Corporate America

We are a full service think tank offering advisory on the Asian American consumer of North America. Our team comprises of multicultural research and marketing professionals with a combined expertise of over 75 years. A true and absolute passion for Asia and a commitment to the community makes us a remarkable and unrivaled resource. Besides, we are simply awesome to do business with!

SAI Expertise

Work with experts and stop shooting in the dark.

SAI equips you with the intel and strategy to connect with Asian Americans, who comprise nearly 5.8 percent of US population. While our expertise spans all top six Asian American segments (Chinese, Filipino, South Asian, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese), we are the unequivocal experts in South Asian space. We are the first full service think tank by South Asians, of South Asians and for South Asians of North America. We are filling in the gap in understanding in a marketplace where there is limited syndicated research on South Asian consumer. 


South Asians have a distinctive identity and mindset than other Asian Americans.

In generalizing South Asians as part of the Asian rubric, companies overlook their unique identity and broadcast messages that do not relate to them. SAI understands this uneasy alliance, and has delved into South Asian identity and acculturation process long and hard. We are equipped to offer you strategic business solutions and targeted messaging to reach this segment. 

SAI “Culture” Laboratory

Asian American community events offer some of the best avenues for bonding with this segment, start a dialogue or spark an interest. We offer a compelling presence at niche events, and creatively utilize them as our “cultural laboratory” to derive spontaneous consumer insights.

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It’s Team Effort

We are a creative bunch of market research experts, thinkers, historians, anthroplogists and psychologists. We are skilled at employing behavioral techniques and psycho-analytical probes in our research and brand building efforts. Here are some important names to remember…

Principal Strategist

Rachna Chopra

Senior Advisor

David Morse

Media Strategist

Pranjal Mahna

Video Strategist

Dylan Avery

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